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Every Woman Inspired is an inspiring annual conference and expo, a great opportunity for women-owned businesses and organisations to showcase their brand to an ideal target market while supporting that market.

Our Action Team networks with women’s companies and groups to work in partnership in order to identify and deliver projects and training to improve the lives of women globally. As a result, Every Woman Inspired’s participants are introduced to some of the best speakers with the aim to motivate and inspire women and girls.

We are committed to supporting women globally in their pursuit of economic independence, which we know reduces women’s chances of living with abuse.

Every Woman Inspired Conference & Expo is an occasion for women to get empowered, informed, inspired and ignited, while interacting with a variety of speakers and workshop presenters from the creative, health, wealth, educational and wellbeing industries.

The event is held on the wonderful island of Jamaica. While the conference itself is over two days, the retreat lasts one week, so there is plenty of time for women to explore, network or just relax.


WILDE International Network

WILDE International Network (WIN) is a creative social enterprise and events management producer which uses literature development and holistic empowerment and coaching for creatives and entrepreneurs. WIN is committed to creating and providing opportunities for writers to develop themselves, offering them access to their network of editors, publishers and literary agents, who are keen to share their experience and services.

WILDE International Network pride themselves in focusing on encouraging and inspiring women to shape and take charge of their lives, and to use creative tools in the elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls.

One Step Forward Consultancy

One Step Forward Consultancy is a registered company whose mandate is to provide exceptional service in the areas of child protection and safeguarding of children in liaison with government departments both in the UK and in the Caribbean. One Step Forward work within local authority assessments, immigration assistance, education and training, incorporating community redevelopment, events and activities for children and families around Jamaica.