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Keynote Speech 2014: Rasheda Malcolm

Rasheda Malcolm

The world has never been as patriarchal as it is today. I’m not claiming that individual societies don’t treat their women better than they did previously, but in the globalised, interconnected world we live in, we can no longer consider issues in an isolated fashion. So as we now consider the situation of women globally, from FGM, child and forced marriages, breast ironing and witch hunting in African, Asian and Arab society, to the sexual exploitation of women and girls in the Caribbean and the west, the full scope of women’s oppression is more visible, and daunting, than ever.

Seen from a global perspective, where oppressions intertwine and expand, there’s a pressing need to expand female empowerment and to pull together female leadership and entrepreneurship. Thus Every Woman Inspired was conceived as one of the ways to raise consciousness and to share our stories to empower and inspire each other globally, to build business networks between us creating a platform where we can share skills and knowledge both personally and professionally.

EWI is a networking forum for women who have big dreams with the drive to see their dreams flourish from seed to oak tree.

The team includes highly experienced media professionals, branding/marketing experts, business leaders, social workers, medical and legal professionals, community workers, women’s groups.

EWI is a modern, empowerment-driven forum that allows the inspirational and dynamic leaders of this generation to inspire the next. And where better to get results than the most vibrant, energetic and determined Island in the world, Jamaica!

Ginger + Darlene
Ginger + Darlene

For African and Caribbean women, whose stories are usually obscure from mainstream media, the advantages of EWI are especially important. We need to boost discussions and take actions; especially those that tackle sexism within our careers and repressive traditions that hinder our progress and ultimately the progress of our children – our future.

As a writer I like to encourage women to write and to perceive that our ideas matter. That we are the authors of our lives and all things are possible, and that most things grow, given the right ingredients and environment.

Jean Lowrie-Chin
Jean Lowrie-Chin

It has been a pleasure for me meeting and working alongside the pool of inspirational women and men that EWI has allowed me to meet and I truly look forward to forging greater links with my global friends.

We would like to take this opportunity of inviting you to join us once again in Ocho Rios, on 18th and 19th October, to experience this carnival of feminine energy, creativity, entrepreneurship and inspiration.

Ginger in Negril
Ginger in Negril

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