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Testimonials 2014 (excerpts)

On behalf of the Granville Child Care Facility, the staff and girls would like to thank you for coming and sharing all about your organisation and what you do. We would also like to wish you all a safe journey back home in London. We wish you guys will come back again soon.
From Girls and Staff
I thoroughly enjoyed the FGM and the Economic Independence workshops. EWI is the way forward and I look forward to next year’s conference. EWI is such a good idea to join women up on an international platform like this. The only way the world will hear our voices is if we unite them. I am originally from the UK now living in Jamaica. The theme this year was very good because of the hidden and ignored sexual abuse culture that some communities in Jamaica practice. The power dynamics that takes place is criminal. Women and girls are the casualties. The returnees from the US, Canada and the UK with their money use this for sexploitation of young and often under-age girls. You need to raise this issue in the UK and out these individuals and their predatory ways. I was overjoyed to hear about EWI and that it was taking place in Jamaica. I was glad that the bad press we get overseas didn’t put you guys off. I wish you all the best. The best part was meeting so many different women. We are different but we have so much in common, no matter where we come from. EWI is good and I don’t want to take away from anything. We need more than good. We have been talking for years and years. It’s time now for action. The idea of trading internationally between us is what I call empowerment. Let’s make it happen.

Testimonials 2013

For me the EWI expo came at just the right season of my life. I had recently resigned from my full-time job to pursue my dream of using my creative talents to start a business and be my own boss.

I am an eclectic designer and crafts-woman, making bold and beautiful bags, jewelry, clothing and accessories for both men and women.

I expected EWI and my time in Jamaica to inspire me mentally and creatively and I was not disappointed. Being around the potent combination of positive and beautiful women challenged me to think big and dream bigger. And with the backdrop of breathtaking scenery, vibrant people and blazing sunshine my creative juices where bursting.

Since returning to London I have revamped parts of my range and re-thought my business plan to take my business to the next level with international presence.

My website is due to go live in the new year and I am excited about the feedback I am getting already.

One of the highlights during the expo was the opportunity for me to share spoken word poetry during the gala dinner and dance.

I have been writing poetry, short stories and plays since childhood and although I have performed over the years to small and large crowds this experience was different; I’d spent days with such talented and powerful women who had not seen this integral part of me and I was unusually nervous but confident that they would be encouraging. The reception I received reminded me that doing what you are passionate about fells so good!

Jamaica is such an inspirational place and seeing so much of the island on our travels was a blessing. This is a slice of a piece I wrote on the road trip from Kingston to Mo’Bay.

I’m on a journey
Through coconut,
Banana, breadfruit leaves
They sway over me
I feel fruitful
They inspire me
To bring forth
Divinely to be more of me

Since returning to London I have challenged myself to press on with my book, something that I put on the back burner in recent months. I now have a definite title: Poems and Prayers for Love, Life and Butterflies. My dream of being a published writer is closer to becoming a reality. I am also looking into the prospect of further education to refine my gift.

I want to say thanks to the founders and organizers of EWI for having the vision to host this event. It has been a blessing to me and I believe it will only get bigger and better.

Love and Blessings
Abena Bedeau
Satisfied Inspired Woman

My view as a first-time visitor and facilitator of Every Woman Inspired (2013)

Denise Henry
Denise Henry
Specialist Midwife Perineal Health -
St George’s Hospital,
Tooting, SW London

I have made history by being one of the first to attend the inaugural Every Woman Inspired event.

Although I gave of my time and knowledge, I also gained much knowledge from the other presentations.

It was so lovely to leave a cold dismal London in November and arrive into a bright and warm Jamaica. I immediately began to relax. I can’t tell you how excited I was to open my curtains that first morning to a view of blue sky, sunshine and the beautiful Caribbean Sea. I had a very relaxing first day and had a pamper pedicure.

My session was sharing factual information and data, but once it was over I was able to just enjoy the other workshops. I particularly enjoyed the creative ones that made us think and tap into any creative abilities.

It was so nice to spend time with Culture and Rasheda. I felt always safe and comfortable with them. Any stress was easily absorbed by them. I feel that they are hard-working, and yet very creative people.

The Next Expo is being planned and I’m definitely signing up! I aim to try and get some sponsorship, but if not I will save my pennies because I feel Jamaica has much more to give. I left Jamaica feeling hungry for more and disappointed that I only booked one week! I won’t make that mistake again.

I must say a big thank you to Patricia, Culture and Rasheda for being able to co-ordinate and arrange a successful Expo from two different countries. Patricia was there to greet and welcome us into Kingston after doing the television interview by herself and all the Kingston preparation, including finding the venue. It was good to put a face to the name, she is a very nurturing woman.

For the whole week Culture and Rasheda always put the needs and wants of us travellers ahead of themselves. Rasheda was so chilled, photogenic and warm of spirit. The lovely Culture has such a great sense of humour and a vibrant spirit. Thank you all.

Snr Social Worker
Thanks ever so much for your inspiration et al., much appreciated. This was a huge step, thanks for the encouragement.
David Fitton
David Fitton
British High Commissioner of Jamaica

I have great pleasure in sending a message wishing your project every success. I had planned to attend on Friday morning but with the change in start times I am not now able to do so. Please forgive me.

Your inaugural expo and retreat promises to be a prestigious event and one which I am sure will inspire all of us – especially women – to develop professional exercise and skills. Jamaica provides many examples of inspiring women – the Prime Minister, Chief Justice and director of Public Prosecutions are three I have met recently. But in all levels of society in Jamaica, women are a source of inspiration and encouragement to all of us.

I am pleased that women from the UK will be attending in force. Please accept my very best wishes.